Multiplayer and Social Connectivity for Any Mobile Game

Zapic combines unique multiplayer features with the only cross application social community, helping you capture and retain users like never before!


Add Zapic to any mobile game using any one of our easy to use SDKs. Get up and running with only a few lines of code!



Create and edit Zapic enabled games using the developer portal. Push live updates to Zapic without republishing.



Publish your game to any ANY store, unlocking the power of social connectivity and multiplayer.


See Zapic Challenges in Action!

100% Free

No limits! Not even on the number of players, MAU, or API requests.

99999999999 Monthly Active Users
99999999999 Player Accounts
99999999999 Events Processed
99999999999 API Requests

We also offer premium support options. Contact us to learn more


Everything you need to build a highly engaged audience!

Easy To Use

Quickly add Zapic to any mobile game using one of our easy to use SDKs. The simple events based API allows you to take advantage of all the features Zapic has to offer without publshing a new version of your app.

Promote and Share

Zapic encourages players to invite their friends to your game via SMS, email, or any other social network! Deep links allow players to jump right in and start with their friends. Our friends list automatically promotes your game to all of the player’s followers.

Cross Platform

Zapic works on any iOS or Android device! Allow your players to connect and compete with their friends regardless of the device they are using. Play data is seamlessly synchronized across devices and operating systems.

Stats & Ranks

Track player metrics in real time. Total number of coins collected, best point combo, let Zapic do the heavy lifting. Players can even compare their stats against the world using our unique ranking system that will automatically play players into tiers.

Player Driven Challenges

Player defined challenges allow groups of friends to compete in time limited challenge. Zapic will automatically keep track of scores and re-engage players to keep them coming back day after day to compete with their friends.

Global Competitions

Traditional leaderboards are broken, they are boring and disengage 99% of players. Global competitions keep players engaged by allowing them to compete in a smaller, dynamic leagues. Schedule daily or weekly competitions to encorage players to come back and play again.

Achievements (Coming Soon!)

Achievements are one of the easiest ways to extend the lifespan of your game by giving players new objectives to complete. Players can show off

Player State (Coming Soon!)

Save player information & game state in Zapic, we keep it secure and updated across all the player’s devices.