Social + Multiplayer

Zapic combines unique multiplayer features with a cross application social community to keep players engaged and to encourage them to invite their friends

Leverage your players to help grow your game

~52% of app downloads are due to a recommendation from a friend.

Promote Your Game

Leverage a player’s gaming activity and social connections to promote your game to their followers. Players can highlight games on their profile page and show off their high scores, achievements, and tournament victories.

Easy Integration on Any Platform

Zapic was created for developers that want to deploy their games across multiple platforms. Zapic bridges the gap between Google Play services and Apple Game Center to make cross-platform development a no-brainer.

Read the developer documentation to see how easy it is to add Zapic to your game

Engaging Player Driven Challenges

Global leaderboards are not motivating to players and are usually dominated by hackers. Players just want to compete with their friends. Zapic gives them the ability to create their own group challenges around your game and engage their friends in a friendly battle.

Themeable UI to fit your game

Zapic is dedicated to providing a world-class experience to both players and developers. We build and serve all of the UI components so you can focus on building an amazing game, not menus. Customizable skins allow you to control the look and feel, creating a seamless experience with the rest of your game.

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